Testimonials - Wild Trek Tours

“Peter and Richard,”

“Thanks for a fantastic hike and looking after us ladies. I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend.”

“When you get to our age it’s nice to know that we can still do these things. We have raised our own children and it’s time to think about ourselves but by the time we do we are unable to do these things on our own. It’s nice to know that your company is providing this service and allowing us a hard-working mums some free time to do what we enjoy and challenging ourselves.”

- Roz Patterson (Keppel’s Hut)

“The South West Cape circuit was an incredibly challenging trek – both physically and mentally. I was so pleased to have Peter and Richard with me, navigating difficult terrain, often with no clear track. I felt safe and well looked after by Wild Trek Tours”

- Libby Cartledge (South West Cape – Tasmania)

“Not too far from Melbourne and a bit of scenery – this was our criteria, and the walk to Keppel’s Hut was worth it. The two guides knew what they were doing and led us along the rough track to the Hut where they cooked for us and fetched water, and even started a fire for us in the fire pit. A great experience. “

- Corey and Matilda (Keppel’s Hut)

“Although I had expected a lot, the South Coast Track met all expectations and was as beautiful and as hard as I thought it would be. I would not like to do it without Peter and Richard, who kept up our spirits, even when it was raining, and cooked and helped set up camp under trying conditions. I would recommend Wild Trek Tours to anyone thinking of doing this trip”

- Bailey (South Coast Track)

“I did not think I could do the Kokoda trail! But Peter gave me a training plan that I stuck to for nearly 3 months. The walk still was hard, and we had rain for the first few days that made life difficult, slipping and sliding both up and down hills. My great granddad fought on the trail, so to see what he possibly experienced was awe inspiring. I would recommend everyone to experience Kokoda”

- Claudia McCormack (aged 15) (Kokoda Trail)

“The Northern Circuit was unlike any other walk I had done before. We saw no one from start to finish and had the track and beaches all to ourselves. Chinaman’s swamp was unreal. Without Peter and Richard and their GPS I don’t know what we would have done! I would recommend Wild Trek to anyone!”

- Richard (Northern Circuit)

“Oberon Bay was a real treat. Not too hard for me and my family, and Peter and Richard did well with sourcing water, and cooking for us. We swam and explored around the camp site and walked back the next day. Well done Wild Trek!”

- Kym and Kids (Oberon Bay)